Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009

We Vishnu a Merry Christmas!

Out of all the bands reuniting lately, Britain's KULA SHAKER were probably the most pleasant surprise. The 4-piece band, whose debut album "K" hit double platinum in 1995 and catapulted the band into the public eye, vanished just as quickly as they had appeared, and they have been sorely missed ever since. Surprisingly, 10 years later the band decided to give it another shot, and their 2007 album "STRANGEFOLK" was anything but a sell-out and showed the band stronger - and more relevant - than ever. In times of war, climate change, consumerism and economic crisis, the band does not only still sound great, but has something to SAY, and something to GIVE as well - if you take a look at their website www.kulashaker.org, where they hand out little virtual Christmas gifts for fans, and offer free downloads such as the hilarious and peculiar singles "Drink Tea (for the Love of God)" or "Baby Jesus", you can't help liking these guys. Their 4th album "PILGRIM'S PROGRESS" is due for early 2010, and I can't wait to listen to it... maybe I'll even go on a pilgrimage to Glastonbury to check them out live for the first time!

They've also inspired me to BUY LESS for Christmas this year, and get a little more creative instead: besides spreading a few glasses of self-made chutney among my family & close relatives, I've made a music CD compilation for several friends, including "artwork" & liner notes. The vintage record label DOC FRÄNK RECORDS decided to issue it as a limited edition with just 10 copies, and rumours have it that some of these rare copies have been shipped as far as South Australia! ;-)

For the cover, I've borrowed a KULA SHAKER Christmas gag, a picture of the Hindu God VISHNU, replacing Father Christmas and delivering several presents with his many arms... i imagine it must've been pretty tough for him to command his reindeers all the way to Australia, but on the other hand he's probably more accustomed to the hot climate than Santa Claus...

Anyway, I wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010! May it bring you JOY, HOPE, and PROSPERITY, but above all, may it bring you LOVE. The good shit, the real stuff, the gold dust that makes it all worthwhile...

Hope to stay in touch,
Alex Lackner

And here's the tracklist for my 2009 Christmas sampler:

1. BLUE KING BROWN - Come and check your head
2. CALEXICO - Victor Jara's hands
3. FIREWATER - Too much (is never enough)
4. PEARL JAM - The Fixer
5. KULA SHAKER - Die for Love
6. GOMEZ - In our gun
7. NEW ORDER - Someone like you
8. KINGS OF CONVENIENCE - I'd rather dance with you
9. HOWIE BECK - Flashover
10. NADA SURF - Do it again
11. JIMMY EAT WORLD - Lucky Denver Mint
12. POWDERFINGER - Roll right by you
13. MIDNIGHT OIL - Tone Poem
14. EE - Pilotfish
15. SARAH HARMER - Tether
16. ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN - Burn for me
17. KULA SHAKER - Baby Jesus (Bonus Track)