Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011

Ein gutes Jahr!

Like all good things, even my "Endless Summer" eventually had to come to an end. After 2 weeks of beautiful weather upon my return back home, fall finally moved in with a big storm front which i seized for a good day of windsurfing down at "The (Neusiedler) Lake", making up for that one good day i missed out on the Columbia River in Oregon.

I hadn't been on my surfboards for a while, so i had to do a little equipment check in my garden the day before. My green Fanatic Bee (a 264 litre freeride board) still suffered from a twice-broken nose, so the orange Fanatic Fly (a 258 litre wave board) had to be my weapon of choice -a board that i'd bought for the big waves, and not exactly the perfect choice on a choppy day at the lake. So when me & my pal Klaus (whose last windsurfing experience had been almost 2 decades ago) drove down to Podersdorf the next day, we took out & shared a 160 litre F2 Viper rental board and a 5.7 sail instead and after trying hard to learn the beachstart, Klaus took some fantastic windsurfing pictures:

The following weekend, i participated in the traditional "Slowpitch Season Finale" on Vienna's Spenadlwiese. As always, it was a very nice event, we were having lots of fun and i could once more enjoy the baseball fever i caught in the United States. Now my sabbatical is slowly coming to an end, and i'm getting ready to return to my physio job at the end of October and start teaching yoga at Bikram Yoga Schottenring in November. I'm looking forward to the new challenge, and regardless of what happens over the next few weeks, i can say: "it's been a good year"... :)