Algeria, Appendix

... and that is my tiny chat algérien called Zizou, whom I found at the restrooms of Boumédienne International Aiport in Algiers! Or should I say, he found me? My vet told me it was a classic case of the pet picking its owner.
He suddenly sat there crying and shivering, when I was about to exit the men's toilet, while Said was waiting with my luggage in the check-in queue. I told the cleaning lady "Hey! Un chat!" but she just shrugged, so i picked up the little tiger, who immediately started purring. Just a few seconds later, I had already made up my mind and put him in a little laundry bag inside of my hand-luggage. The people in the check-in queue didn't bother, and - amazingly - the people at the luggage screening didn't notice. My hand luggage was scanned twice, in Algiers and in Paris, but none of the clerks discovered Zizou, who also didn't give himself away by crying, for God's sake. He seemed so relieved to be removed from that neon-bright and cold airport toilet, that the dark little nylon cave in my backpack must have made him feel like being back in utero! (he was only about 4 or maybe 5 weeks old when i found him) So except for a 1-hour-break on a Charles-de-Gaulle Airport toilet, he was sleeping in my backpack most of the time, and only taken out at the dinner table with my family later that night... who were very surprised, of course ;-)

He's spent his first 2 weeks in Vienna now, has already seen the vet, and is healthy and playful and growing fast. And as far as his characteristics go, I can definitely see some African blood boiling in him...

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